Skillovation Technologies has specialized in the manufacture and development of standard time synchronization and customized electronic products in the last 3 decades at our parent company Bihar Communications, Patna. Our product line includes NTP time servers, NTP/NTD clocks ,PoE Analog & Digital Clocks, WiFi Digital Clocks, Master Clocks, Wired and Wireless Analog & Digital Slave Clocks, GPS/Satellite Clocks, Tower Clocks, Garden Clocks and we also make whatever you can imagine logically.

Our infrastructure equipped with technology for software development and embedded software/hardware development, our outstanding R&D team has offered an extensive list of customer specified options and alternatives. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard, with wide applications in diverse industries, such as IT, Telecom, Defense, R&D Labs, Standard Labs, Railways, Airports and Important Places like Parliament House in India and Afghanistan.

Our Skill Development Division named as Institute of Skillovation is utilizing R&D and production infrastructure of the company for providing Skill Development Training Programs in Embedded Systems and Industrial Automation.